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We are Aurecas, a team of two game developers that begun making games together in early 2014. At the moment we are working on two games: Pea & Flea: Circus and Candle Kid.

We focus on creating fine 2D games with creative titles and characters. Right now we are using Unity 5 to develop our games.

Take a look at our games on Google Play and feel free to drop us a message too.

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José Aurélio
José AurélioCo-Founder & Programmer

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Player reviews

Holy Cow! That’s an insane amount of content made in 72 hours. Good job guys.
Ink, on Headphone Heroes
Best game on earth This game is really awesome its funny and cool
The Gaming Banana, on Eat The Donut
Excellent, very creative and good to laugh and vent!
Karla Cabantac, on Atrasados ENEM 2015
This is an awesome game! The idea of trying to eat a donut and avoid vegetables is genius! The gameplay is also extremely addicting, as I can’t stop playing! The music is also amazing as it seems to have used a Genesis soundfont, which I love! The music is so good that it loops in my sleep. [5/5]
AlexMario Media, on Eat The Donut
Hello! I played your game and thought I’d make a video on it whilst I play. :) I found this quite a quirky little game that was enjoyable and fun to play and felt festive which was good. I shall leave a link to my video below if you want to check it out. :) good little game you have made here. ^_^
ProjectSash, on Black Friday Zombies
Very fun and addicting! Every second is a thrill and it always leaves me wanting to play more! Great job!!! :D
GrandPappyWilliams, on Eat The Donut
Addictive!! Very good to play with your friends, I recommend!!
Louise Trierveiler, on Atrasados ENEM 2015
Nice, I like the idea of revolting through an indie game.
AcidPoison, on Whats no Ar
Man, the new Mac OS X version is incredibly addicting! The equipable item system just works! So far I’ve only reached the first boss (died right after eating the 4th donut which I assume is where the next boss appears) but the battle was hillarious! I laughed my head off after hearing the boss yelp in pain! I also liked the fact that the level theme changes after a boss fight. This new version really made my day!
TaXMaN, on Eat The Donut